Tensioning Tools
Flange Management Tools
Torquing Tools
Hydraulic Jacks & Pumps
Data Collection Technology
  • 1500 Bar standard Tooling
    Standard Bolt ¾th to 4 inch diameter range due(M 16 to M-100)
    Special custom made design available, fits all pipeline flange to ANSI B16.15, MSS SP-44,Operating pressure 1500 bar
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
  • Typhoon Hi Load Tensioner
    Single and Multi Stage Tensioners available
    Suit modern hi-load, tight space bolting applications, special custom made design available, operating pressure 1500 bar
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
  • Xtra Load Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
    Xtra load range developed and suit all common size flanges, tools are fitted with misalignment compensation, over stroke safety
    High load,1500 bar max pressure
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
  • Sub Sea Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
    30mm piston stroke,1500 bar operating pressure
    Tools for subsea use, Pressuring up to 1500 bar
  • Pumps
    1500 bar electric/air operated/hand
    Mounted in robust tubular steel transportable frame, capable of providing output pressures up to 2500 bar
  • Echo meter Bolt Extension Measurement
    Accurate way to measure bolt load and bolt elongation, ultrasonically
    Quickly and accurately, and displays the result on an easy to read screen
    Wind, Power generation, oil and gas, critical bolting
  • FA9TE Flange Alignment Tools
    Align force 90 kN (9 tone)
    Larger diameter, higher pressure flanges.
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • FA4TM Flange Alignment Tool
    Align force 40 kN( 4 ton), mechanical weight only 8.6 kg
    Medium diameter, medium pressure flanges.
    Onshore, commission, construction
  • VLW18TE & VLW18TI Precious Lifting Wedge
    Require an access gap of 9.5mm (0.37") and will provide a lifting force of 18T.
    To assist in the lifting of heavy equipment when access is restricted, recommended to be used in pairs
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • FC10TE Flange closing tool
    10T(100kN) closing force and weight only 11 kg
    With a bolt hole diameter of 25 cpmm (‘1’) or greater, and can pull from a distance of 600mm down to 0 mm with a force of 10T (100kN) per tool
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • MG7TM Flange Spreading
    68kN spreading force ( 6.8T),mechanical
    Flange joint you are working on has an access gap of 2.0mm only
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • Flange Spreading Wedges
    9T( 90 kN) to 25T (240kN) mm spreading Gap
    If the flange joint has an access gap of 6.0mm,available in mechanical, hydraulic mode of operation,available with integral pumps and maximum spread up to 103 mm, recommended & used in pair
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • Commander XT1000
    Rugged IP65 Handheld, Real time data collection
    Unlimited, user defined, traceability. Bluetooth, WiFi, Barcode, Camera, 3G/4G, Touchscreen
    Adaptable to any hydraulic (AC or air) or pneumatic pump using any hydraulic or pneumatic tool
  • Commander Software & Storage
    Global live viewing, analysis, and job creation for production control
    Production and repair reports, Collected results can be pushed immediately to our cloud based server
    A library of bolting standards for Commander XT access, PDF reports, CSV export
  • TorqTag Sett
    28 clearly numbered magnetic discs, Replaces chalk or pen marking flanges, Choice of three colours, Greatly improves visual reference
    Bar coded for scanning and identifying each bolt, Can be mounted on the stud or flange, Removed once each torque figure is achieved, Can be stacked for multiple passes, Avoids confusion and reduces the likelihood of leaks
  • Commander XT2000
    All the capabilities of the XT1000 Wirelessly controls any pump from up to 80 feet away in as few as 5 seconds.
    Battery operated control board with indicator lights, Upgradable available to the world’s only PDA with global explosion protection and mining approval (ATEX Certified).
  • Boltlight Hydraulic Air Driven Power Packs
    Easy-to-use, Output pressures up to 2500 bar
    Colour coded to match hoses and tools, Optional stainless steel frame, Optional stroke counter
    a. Designed as direct replacements for conventional nuts and bolts
    b. Variants available- Nut Style Tensioners, Bolt Style Tensioners, Flexnuts, Expansion Bolts, Pre-Designed Solutions & Specials
    c. Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining, Power Generation, Steel Mills.
  • Single Acting Cylinder
    CAPACITY: 5-100 ton
    STROKE: 50-250 mm
    Max Pressure: 700 bar
  • Double Acting Cylinder
    CAPACITY: 10 -300 ton
    STROKE: 150-300 mm
    Max Pressure: 700 bar
    CAPACITY: 5-100 Ton
    STROKE: 50-250 Mm
    Max Pressure: 700 Bar
    CAPACITY: 5 -100 ton
    STROKE: 50-250 mm
    Max Pressure: 700 bar
    CAPACITY: 50 -500 ton
    STROKE: 50-300 mm
    Max Pressure: 700 bar
    CAPACITY: 10-30 ton
    STROKE: 150 mm
    Max Pressure: 700 bar
    CAPACITY: 5-30 ton
    STROKE: 120-160 mm
    Max Pressure: 700 bar
  • Engine Pump & Battery Pump
    Air cooled 4 cycle Gasoline Engine
    Volume- 169 cc & 86 cc
    Max output-2000 rpm & 4200 rpm
  • Motor Pump
    Motor Power: 1, 2 , 3, 5 HP
    Max Operating Pressure: 700bar
    Voltage: 220V 3ph 50/60Hz
  • TTB
    34Nm To 950 Nm Torque
    The TTB is an affordable precision bolting system with built-in data recording
    Petrochemical, Offshore, Subsea, Power Generation, Shipping