Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners
Mechanical Tensioners
    a. Designed as direct replacements for conventional nuts and bolts
    b. Variants available- Nut Style Tensioners, Bolt Style Tensioners, Flexnuts, Expansion Bolts, Pre-Designed Solutions & Specials
    c. Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Mining, Power Generation, Steel Mills.
  • Boltlight Hydraulic Air Driven Power Packs
    Easy-to-use, Output pressures up to 2500 bar
    Colour coded to match hoses and tools, Optional stainless steel frame, Optional stroke counter
  • Echo meter Bolt Extension Measurement
    Accurate way to measure bolt load and bolt elongation, ultrasonically
    Quickly and accurately, and displays the result on an easy to read screen
    Wind, Power generation, oil and gas, critical bolting
  • Sub Sea Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
    30mm piston stroke,1500 bar operating pressure
    Tools for subsea use, Pressuring up to 1500 bar
  • Pumps
    1500 bar electric/air operated/hand
    Mounted in robust tubular steel transportable frame, capable of providing output pressures up to 2500 bar
  • Xtra Load Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
    Xtra load range developed and suit all common size flanges, tools are fitted with misalignment compensation, over stroke safety
    High load,1500 bar max pressure
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
  • Typhoon Hi Load Tensioner
    Single and Multi Stage Tensioners available
    Suit modern hi-load, tight space bolting applications, special custom made design available, operating pressure 1500 bar
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind
  • 1500 Bar standard Tooling
    Standard Bolt ¾th to 4 inch diameter range due(M 16 to M-100)
    Special custom made design available, fits all pipeline flange to ANSI B16.15, MSS SP-44,Operating pressure 1500 bar
    Oil and gas, power generation, wind