Machining Tools

  • Commander XT1000
    Rugged IP65 Handheld, Real time data collection
    Unlimited, user defined, traceability. Bluetooth, WiFi, Barcode, Camera, 3G/4G, Touchscreen
    Adaptable to any hydraulic (AC or air) or pneumatic pump using any hydraulic or pneumatic tool
  • Commander Software & Storage
    Global live viewing, analysis, and job creation for production control
    Production and repair reports, Collected results can be pushed immediately to our cloud based server
    A library of bolting standards for Commander XT access, PDF reports, CSV export
  • Commander XT2000
    All the capabilities of the XT1000 Wirelessly controls any pump from up to 80 feet away in as few as 5 seconds.
    Battery operated control board with indicator lights, Upgradable available to the world’s only PDA with global explosion protection and mining approval (ATEX Certified).
  • TorqTag Sett
    28 clearly numbered magnetic discs, Replaces chalk or pen marking flanges, Choice of three colours, Greatly improves visual reference
    Bar coded for scanning and identifying each bolt, Can be mounted on the stud or flange, Removed once each torque figure is achieved, Can be stacked for multiple passes, Avoids confusion and reduces the likelihood of leaks