Flange Working Tools

Flange Aligners
Flange Closing
Flange Spreaders
Vertical Lifting Wedge
  • FA4TM Flange Alignment Tool
    Align force 40 kN( 4 ton), mechanical weight only 8.6 kg
    Medium diameter, medium pressure flanges.
    Onshore, commission, construction
  • FA9TE Flange Alignment Tools
    Align force 90 kN (9 tone)
    Larger diameter, higher pressure flanges.
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • VLW18TE & VLW18TI Precious Lifting Wedge
    Require an access gap of 9.5mm (0.37") and will provide a lifting force of 18T.
    To assist in the lifting of heavy equipment when access is restricted, recommended to be used in pairs
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • FC10TE Flange closing tool
    10T(100kN) closing force and weight only 11 kg
    With a bolt hole diameter of 25 cpmm (‘1’) or greater, and can pull from a distance of 600mm down to 0 mm with a force of 10T (100kN) per tool
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • Flange Spreading Wedges
    9T( 90 kN) to 25T (240kN) mm spreading Gap
    If the flange joint has an access gap of 6.0mm,available in mechanical, hydraulic mode of operation,available with integral pumps and maximum spread up to 103 mm, recommended & used in pair
    Petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • MG7TM Flange Spreading
    68kN spreading force ( 6.8T),mechanical
    Flange joint you are working on has an access gap of 2.0mm only
    Construction, shutdown, petrochemical, nuclear, mining
  • Secure-Grip Valve change out tool
    Developed to assist in the removal of wafer/butterfly valves, spades/spacers or gaskets from large flange joints.
    adjustable to enable the tool to operate in a range of situations.
    Petrochemical, Nuclear, Mining
  • Secure-grip mechanical flange spreader
    Used on all flange types with bolt-hole sizes ranging from 24mm (0.94”) to 108mm (4.25”)
    low-to mid-end, mechanical model offersfrom 3.7T (37 kN) to 25 T (250 kN) of spreading force.